I Hate Shipwreckers

I’ve gotten deep into the Sherlock fandom, and I can’t get out. I’ve never really thought about Benedict Cumberbatch as attractive, but his role as Sherlock Holmes has me reeling. He’s not exactly my cup of tea, but those cheekbones are hard not to notice. And it’s not just his appearance. The way he acts in the role, it’s just so… ridiculously amazing. Sherlock is the one person who you’ll always want to root for, no matter how much of a jerk he is.

And of course, there’s Watson. I love how from the first episode, the producers just want to destroy that ship. Let’s gooooo.  But whether Sherlock X John is a thing or not, a single Sherlock is always an exciting Sherlock.

Except for when he’s not.

Introducing the real reason I wrote this post, the real reason I am raging on the inside.

acck i hatttte herrrrrr
The Woman


The first time they thought she died, I was rejoicing. But then it turned out she had some type of doppelganger. Okay? No problem, she got beheaded. Except it turns out, Sherlock saves her. Because he likes her and there’s some type of attraction.

No. No. No.

I’m only on episode 1 of the second series, but this woman has already gotten in the way of any ships , deceived Sherlock, tried to seduce Sherlock, and succeeded. Well, almost. Sherlock is never completely won over by anyone, except Watson. Their chemistry is all over the place.


Long story short:

Step away from my ship, lady, and no one gets hurt.

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