Doctor Strange Review

I’ve had my fill of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from watching Doctor Strange on my laptop to heading over to the theatre to see what the hype about Black Panther was all about.

When watching Doctor Strange, I literally could not stop myself from internally screaming “OH CRAP IT’S SHERLOCK HOLMES!” essentially the entire movie. Cumberbatch’s acting as the lead character was great and despite myself, I found it in me to stop thinking of him as Sherlock and as Doctor Strange.

As for the movie, it was good. The visuals were very eye-catching, though I did find myself squirming in my seat at some the effects.

hands ickkkk
It’s not as gross as when he fly into his own eye though.

When I say it was good, it was good but it wasn’t stunning. I really wanted it to be. I was very disappointed with how it ended and I felt like there was no real climax. The time loop thing with Dormammu barely counted. There were highlights, but no point where I was completely blown away, or shocked, or…

It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. Looking for a come-back here, Benedict.

Then let’s talk about Black Panther. I’m sure you guys have already been bombarded with the praise of all it, so let’s skip to the good parts

It was awesome. I mean, I’m still waiting for the movie that leaves me absolutely speechless, but this one came fairly close.

The best parts in my opinion were[spoilers most likely imminent]:

  • The car chase scene: My favorite part of the movie. Shuri’s indirect piloting thingamajig was brilliant. That brave bald warrior lady literally jumped on top of a moving vehicle (which is common), and freaking speared the car they were chasing (not so common). I also recognized that one scene from a car commercial I saw, so that was cool.
  • Shuri screaming “What are those!” at T’Challa’s sandals. Had me laughing so hard, especially for a joke that should have died a long time ago.
  • Every time the villain walked in the room, because cool rap music played when he did.
  • Shuri telling them to get on with the ceremony when the challenge was about to begin.
  • The bald warrior lady stopping a charging rhino by doing nothing. Way to talk about girl power.
  • The bald warrior lady telling her lover off. Way to stick it to the man!
  • The sunset at the end of the movie, because I had to include something at least a little serious on this list.
  • Oh my good lord, Watson was in the movie. I mean Martin Freeman. No, Everett Ross. And unlike with Doctor Strange, I didn’t stop calling him Watson because that’s who he is to me now.
  • Speaking of Watson, the way he almost killed himself trying to take down those departing jets and succeeding and not dying. Way to go man!
  • Also seeing another cameo from another favorite tv show of mine, Person of Interest. Dominic sure gets around.

Things I didn’t love so much:

  • So I don’t become one those bloggers who say “nothing” on this section of the list, I didn’t love the actor who played T’Challa’s killed uncle. I’ve seen him around, especially on those annoying tv trailers of “This Is Us”, and seeing him use an African accent was kind of disconcerting and took away from the character.

Here’s to hoping that when Infinity Wars comes around, Doctor Strange and Everett Ross meet and work together somehow. I think I would have a complete meltdown, and happily so.

this has to happen.jpg

Or more appropriately:

Image result for doctor strange meets everett ross
Yes, Watson. Yes.

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