Poptropican Boyfriend

Hey guys, let’s take it back to 2007,  the year that nothing very memorable happened, at least not for me.

But, with a little bit of research, it is a very important year when it comes to how I live now. I’ve never understood why anyone would try to find love online when there are so many great people in the real world, but this site was created in 2007 and gave me what might be my first mutual love interest.


That’s right. That one game everyone used to play in second grade has become my one of a kind Tinder.

To explain further, I fool around a lot on the website. It’s a great game and there’s lot of exploring and achievements. Plus I’m no rookie. I’ve got 35 medallions under my belt and counting. But when I’m not island hopping, you can usually find me on home island in the common room. Common rooms are like safe chat rooms where you can play mini-games with other players in real life.

I was procrastinating one day, so I decided to go in and see if anyone wanted to get their butts kicked in hoops. I walked in, using my vibrating neon glow to get attention, mostly to show newbies I was not to be messed with. Ran into a few stragglers who couldn’t shoot to save their lives and I was waiting for a worthy opponent to show up.


Image result for dramatic entrance gif
Cue worthy opponent. 

The dude appears at the door and looks like he’s looking for a fight and he brings one to me. I’m surprised he knows how to immediately hit the sweet spot in hoops and I initiate a rematch to see if it was a fluke. It wasn’t.

And so here, imagine a ridiculously competitive montage where I try to incredibly hardest to beat him. I think I’m one of the better players, but this guy… he’s amazing. His tactical skill is mind-blowing and I never manage to win one game of Connect Four aka Balloons with him.  Any victory I win is hard-earned. After an hour or so of fierce competition, he finally decided to try to talk to me.

On Poptropica, the conversations are prewritten so no one gets hurt. It has questions like “What’s your favorite color?” or “Have you ever been inside a haunted house?” The responses you’re given are either straight-forward or sarcastic. As you can imagine, I like to lean more on the side of sarcastic.

So we went back and forth, asking stupid questions, and I was grinning the entire way through.

Then the question pops up, “Why are you staring at me?” and I immediately click, looking for a drip of internal emotion.

He pauses and answers: “I can’t help it.”

Yes, I shrieked. I couldn’t help it. That was the sweetest thing a boy had ever said to me. Then the unthinkable happened and that was when I really fell.

He gave me a flower. He walked in front of me, and planted a flower. I don’t think my heart had ever grown that big before. He liked me. Like, like liked me.

Unfortunately, my time was running out. I only had a few more minutes to spend with him, and who knew if I would ever see him again. I desperately wanted to hug him, or kiss him on the cheek, or something to show that I liked him back before I was forced to leave.

I rushed through my inventory and found a card that might’ve gotten the message across. I used my last moments with him to turn him into gold with the Midas touch.  Then I made my avatar cry ugly, ugly tears near the door to let him know I had to go.

Then I left.

My heart was heavy as I left the computer to go have lunch. I had never met such a valiant player and to think I might never see him again was heartbreaking.

Lucky for me, he’s a frequent user and I saw him 2 more times. We duked it out on the minigames there and our romance continues.

*Disclaimer: I’m not crazy. I know he might as well be a really smart 8 year old, but maybe he’ll find this post and we can really talk. He seems like a very interesting person.


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