Toys R Gone

This is old news by now, but Toy R Us are shutting down all their stores this year and moving online.

I’ve never been to Toys R Us. Not because I’m a grown-up person who finds no joy in unboxing a brand new toy, because that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I love toys and I give all of them names. My teddy bear Kensington can vouch for me.

I’ve never been to Toys R Us because I simply don’t live very close to one. I’ve dreamed multiple dreams about what wonders and fantasies resided in its mystical halls bursting with Barbie dolls and Buzz Lightyears. In my dreams, the entire place was lit up in colorful beams of light and the kids went on joyrides in carts filled all the way to the top with various toys.

But now with the stores closing down, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see if my imagination hit the mark. And maybe that’s for the better. Would hate for the 7 year old in me to find out that all Toys R Us was was a regular store with glaring white lights and hard white bruised floors.


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