The Ageless Excuse

When you’re arguing with your mom or your dad about why they should allow you to keep using your device, you should say homework. Because most of the time, that’s more or less true. It’s a good point and they’re not going to say “Don’t do your homework.”

Well, it’s a good point unless you’ve decided to neglect your homework. Then using that excuse isn’t such a great idea. Let me give you an example.

Mom: Bring the computer downstairs, and go to sleep.

Me: I can’t. I have to start my homework.

Mom: Why are you starting your homework by 10:30?

Me: I had to wash the dishes and there were these two enormous pots I had to scrape and that took like half the time…

Mom: But you’ve been home since 3:30. What have you been doing since then?

Me:…you know how tired I get.

Mom: So you took a 3 hour nap until seven. What were you doing when you woke up?


This is why you don’t get to take a (much deserved) three hour nap, watch the Flash for another hour, spend a lifetime washing dishes, and still think you can use the homework excuse. It just won’t fly.


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