Grace Vanderwaal Opened For Imagine Dragons

Marvel and DC. Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. Sherlock and all the Sherlocks in the history of Sherlocks.

Crossovers everybody wants. Oh, and look, the first two have already happened. Thank you Ben Platt and Lin. The fandoms thank you.

Anyway, there’s a crossover that’s not quite so fictional that it would be impossible to achieve. In fact, the thing is that is did happen. I thought I could only dream of it, but I’m getting the musical crossover I never knew I wanted until I got it.

Happy Birthday, me.

Grace Vanderwaal is a indie-pop artist who’s not all that younger that me, and she’s amazing. Her voice is unique and her song-writing style is refreshing. She’s been on her own U.S. tour, which just recently ended. She said she wished she could keep touring. I wished she could.

Secondly, Imagine Dragons is definitely my favorite band. I love their old sound, and the new sound of their latest album, Evolve. I listened to Thunder until I hated it, then came back to loving it. The fact that they were going on tour wasn’t surprising, but you know what was?

That they were taking Grace along for the ride as their opening act. I guess Grace and I both get what we want. They’re actually coming to my city, which is amazing. But what’s not amazing?

The ticket price. Bootleg concert videos, I’ll be waiting.


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