I Got Lucky Procrastinating

They say procrastination is a killer and I’m not going to disagree. But don’t you just love it when procrastination works in your favor?

Say you decide that instead of doing this really ugly self-portrait in class that’s due that Monday, you’re going to spend all your time doing art you’re actually good at. That day is a prime day to do it. If you do it that day, you’ll have time tomorrow to do whatever you want, plus you won’t have to worry about it being late. It’s a win-win situation.

Except it’s not.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t want to do it, so therefore you don’t. You’re willingly putting pressure on yourself, but in the short-term, your decision feels good.

But happy coincidences do happen. You unwisely decide not to do your work at the ideal time, but surprise surprise, there was no bother because your teacher tells your class that her grade book is down so any work for that week doesn’t count.

Bad news for over-achievers who do their work about ten days too early. Great news, you get the smug satisfaction of thinking to them, “Ha, played yourselves.”

Not only did you manage to dodge a potential bullet of late work, but you suffered no consequences for doing what you loved instead.

Okay, but don’t procrastinate.


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