Revenge of the Bus Driver

Imagine this. Winter’s just started and it already feels like you might get frostbite by sticking your pinky finger out. Everyone’s huddled together with their companions at the bus stop, trying to either conserve heat or get blockage from freezing winds (usually the latter). You just wish the bus would hurry up and come so that you can escape the weather.

Mercifully, just then, the bus arrives around the corner. The lights are on inside, people are chatting amiably and it looks incredibly warm and inviting for a vehicle of public transportation. You can’t wait to board.

You push past people to enter first, you climb the steps, and smile because the wind isn’t trying to maul your face anymore and you already feel warmer.

But for some reason, that feeling goes away. Your teeth start chattering louder than ever, your three layers of jackets and scarves aren’t doing any good, and you want more than anything to have a space heater right next to you thighs because they are the same temperature as that turkey you took out of the freezer last month for Thanksgiving.

For 15 minutes, you endure glacial temperatures in your seat and finally, the bus ride is over. You practically leap out of the bus and you’re shocked because:

Outside is about 10 times warmer than the bus you just left.

This is where it dawns on you that the bus driver turned on the air conditioning.

The bus driver turned on the air conditioning. 

The bus driver turned on the air conditioning. 

Rage envelopes you as your realize the bus driver had heartlessly lowered the temperature of the bus, without even considering his passengers had already endured what more than any human should have to face with mother nature. He had schemed to make sure you paid for every cent of that bus fare.

Your anger becomes more and more inciting until you can no longer control it and it powers you to transform into:

Banana Hair.


Or not.

But still, would it kill the bus driver to turn on the heater?


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