And No One Is Special

I’ve watched many a season of America’s Got Talent, and I’ve sat through what feels like hundreds of singers. Child singers, tween and teen singers, millennials and adults. A couple of seniors.

I like to check what’s on other channels when they get on stage.

I mean, the kids are cute when they look tiny, but turn out having this huge booming voice that doesn’t match their size. Adults looking to start their lives and adults looking to find meaning in it. Seniors living out their life long dreams.

A lot of times, their stories are full of hopes and dreams and the fact they’re there can be a miracle they never imagined happening. Their stories are inspirational and I applaud them for going out there to show the world just what they can do.

In spite of all that, too many of them sound the same. Not everyone can be Beyoncé or Micheal Jackson, and we can’t all be superstars.

Image result for if everyone's super no one is

They all sound fantastic, they do. But I’m sure at least a third of the population of my middle school population could sing just as well as they could. Maybe even better. It’s my opinion that most people with “great voices” make up a moderate amount of all people on the planet.

The reason people with these, let me put it “average” voices, make it big is because of their presence. Presence isn’t something everyone has and that’s what’s really special.

America’s Got Presence™

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