The Coolest Fish In The Pond


I, unfortunately, have found myself in a position many times where I couldn’t break free from someone’s endless monologue about thier hobby. You know, when you see someone’s sketchbook and say it’s cool. It triggers them to show you their elementary, middle and highschool sketchbooks and go on about “Oh! I remember that one! That was that one day of summer camp and…”

BLAH BLABBITY BLAH. It’s been literally hours. 

There’s nothing you would love more than to just cut them off and leave. But you can’t, because it would be rude and awkward, the worst combination. So you just sit there, nodding your head every now and then to show you’re still listening, while trying to plot your escape in your head.

When they’ve finally run out of material or breath, you are finally free to go on about your business having wasted a good portion of your life. But there’s a good way to avoid having that happen.

Be one of the cool kids, and don’t care. Walk past their open sketchook, tiptoe past the trap, because that book is bait and you are the victim. You are that smart fish who can see the worm for the hook. Don’t fall for it. Pretend as if you can draw that well and what they’re doing is nothing compared to your works of genius. You’re way too cool to say that out loud so just walk away. 



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