When You Get A New Haircut

“I’m going to get a haircut.”

Yep. So when you do get it, what happens? You admire yourself in the mirror for a few moments because you never realized how beautiful your face was. After that, you have to think strategically.

Do you wear new clothes to go with your new haircut? No, it would seem like you’re trying too hard to look impressive. Or worse, like you expect people to care.

So you just act normal, like your life hasn’t changed completely, right? No, no, you want people to comment on it. I mean, it’s a new haircut. It’s revolutionary and it’s something to talk about. You defintely want people to care.

So what’s the right balance? You want people to notice you, to turn around to take a second look, but you don’t want to look like you forced it just to get reactions.

Solution: Build anticipation for it. Advertise the fact that you’re getting a new haircut, and when you walk into the building, people will have been readily waiting to see it and comment on it.

I’m assuming you typed “Nobody’s noticing my new haircut” or something around the general idea, so I just want to say, I think your haircut looks fabulous. Really.


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