I Ship Lukanette (Hold Your Rotten Tomatoes)

I can agree to Adrien being a supermodel and Marinette’s love interest. What’s not to love about him? He’s nice, extremely cute…

Related image
What’s not to love about this face?

And he’s a cool guy in general. Totally approve of him.

Ah, but with a new season come new rivals and there’s one I’ve been waiting for for a nice long time…

Related image
That floral print on his wall though

I, like the rest of the fandom, basically fell over and died because LUKA IS CUTE AS HECK. And he plays the guitar, which is like instant brownie points. Not to mention, he’s nice, extremely cute… hold on, this sounds familiar.

But anyhow, I’m the in the minority who ship Marinette and Luka because unlike some super famous child model *coughcoughAdriencoughcough*, Luka immediately sees how amazing Marinette is. The idea is that seeing the Lukanette ship sail will make Adrien jealous and help him realize he needs a certain baker’s daughter in his life.

The bad news to this is that while Adrienette is confirmed, this means there’s no way Lukanette will survive. I suppose we in the minority will have enjoy in while it lasts.

That being said:

Something seems off here..

…he doesn’t have any eyelashes. I mean, neither does Adrien, but at least Adrien’s got that eye liner thing going for him.

Subtle, but effective


And, okay, Luka’s cute and all, but this boy needs a gofundme page so he can buy himself some eyelashes. Or do that “so slight you almost don’t see it” thing Adrien has. Either one is fine.

Thomas, Jeremey, give your brainchild some eyelashes. Do it for the fandom.


4 thoughts on “I Ship Lukanette (Hold Your Rotten Tomatoes)

  1. Lol if they can’t give him Marinette, give him eyelashes. I’m a die-hard Adrienette shipper, but the really spiteful side of me wants Lukanette to happen so Adrien would feel his heart burn just like Marinette’s heart has been doing for the past 3 years.

    However, after the ice cream episode, I’d prefer to see more Marichat. If Marinette starts to fall for Cat Noir and Cat Noir for Marinette, I’d be very interested in the new dynamic.

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    1. In the words of Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake! And give him eyelashes!”

      My number one ship has gotta be Ladrien. There’s no wrong with that ship. I have to admit Marichat is my least favorite, seeing as there was no general attraction there in season one. After the icecream episode with the balcony scene, I am slightly more onboard.

      Another crazy theory: Marinette will think Luka is Chat Noir because they have similar hair. Now, that, I would love to see.

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      1. My issue with Ladrien is that they just stare at each other and stammer so much. I’m just like “Y’all need to get it on ASAP. It’s been like 2 seasons.” With Marichat, they at least have conversations and are comfortable-ish with each other.

        Ohmygosh, if Marinette thinks that, it’s confirmed she’s suffering from cortical blindness. lol it would make for great laughs, especially if she blurts something out like that in front of Adrien.


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