Voltron And Unidentifiable SJW

I swear, I’m always late in joining the really big fandoms. I’ll hop right aboard the fandoms that have a population of exactly 4, but I’ll be left trying to catch up to the titanic fandoms which could fill up whole countries and often do. Case in point: Hamilton. It came out in 2015 and the first time I heard The Schuyler Sisters, my dumb self thought it was from a commercial. I only discovered it was a musical 2 years later. 

Another example: Voltron came out in 2016 and I just started watching it last week. Admittedly, I intentionally ignored it on Netflix because I was currently binge-watching Sherlock, but now that I’m stuck waiting for another couple of years for a 4 episode season to come out like the rest of them, I took a look at Voltron and said “why not?”

Kay’, so this is a spoiler-not-spoiler for the Netflix series, Voltron. If you watch the show, this is obvious and if you don’t, what are you doing here? Everyone knows the dangers of reading fan fiction about a fandom you just got into. Spoilers are abundant and the same goes for this blog.

Anyway, I tap on the first episode and I see Lance, Hunk, and Pidge. Boy, boy, girl. No question there. Another typical boy group with one girl for representation deal.

Then, guess what? I’m wrong because boy, boy, boy. I’m surprised, and pleasantly so. With all the “female empowerment” stuff that’s constantly being ingrained in our heads, it was good to see a good old-fashioned team just having it out. Unconsolidated, non SJW entertainment.

Except, hey, it turns out I am a genius after all. Pidge is a girl.

Related image
We feel you, Lance

Still good unconsolidated fun. I bet you’re thinking somewhere in the back of your mind, “But it turns out Pidge is a girl, so the creators technically are pushing the SJW in your face”.


But here’s the thing. It doesn’t feel that way. In fact, nothing has changed except for the rest of the team having a little bit more information. Pidge is still the absurdly short computer geek who’s looking for her family.

Good job Voltron. You got me hooked.

Now that it’s confirmed I’m an utter genius, I’m going to go ahead and call it and say that Shiro is Keith’s dad. I won’t be dissuaded.

Related image
Willing your lion to Keith, huh? I wonder why…

2 thoughts on “Voltron And Unidentifiable SJW

  1. Mily

    Having one girl in a team of 4 boys isn’t social justice warrior trying to empower people? It’s just including some real life diversity.

    Nobody is forcing anything in your head except that girls exist. Maybe if you didn’t exclude them you in your mind you would not see representation as an attack 🙄


    1. You’re free to have your opinion about Voltron’s execution of certain things, but considering the show handled a variety of issues extremely badly, my opinion remains the same. My view of the show did not change when I learned Pidge was a girl.


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