Lotor, The Deadpool of Voltron

When I first heard of Lotor, I think “Hey, maybe he’s a Galra who happens to be a good guy?” I mean, soldiers and generals in Zarkon’s army seem to hate him, so that’s gotta be a done deal. Plus he spoke of conquering with peace and not fear and all the stuff that makes him seem like the ideal guy to put Zarkon in his place.

Oh, but wait, Shiro’s already put Zarkon in his place. So what’s Lotor got to do with anything?

Well, it’s quickly revealed he’s Zarkon’s freaking son, which doesn’t bother me as much as thought it would. Based on my prior knowledge of how these type of shows work, the son of the supervillain is either a good guy who’s unwittingly working against his father (ex: Chat Noir being Hawkmoth’s son in Miraculous Ladybug) or the son ends up being much more evil and conniving than his dear old pop.

But Lotor’s obviously a good guy. Peace, check. Nonviolence, check. Whoever not supporting him being crushed under his empire, che– wait a second.

That’s definitely not a good guy thing to do.

So it is here where I have conflict in emotion and a realization of the utter disaster the paladins are facing. Lotor’s adept with fighting, patient, clever, and works well with others. Great things if you’re a paladin, not so great if you’re trying to take over the universe and have every intention of doing so successfully, which Lotor does. I can already see his genius mindset is going to keep him 3 steps ahead of the paladins for the rest of the time he’s the villain.

But at the same time, I want to root for him because, hey, at least he isn’t Zarkon. Plus it helps that he’s a hundred times cuter than Zarkon. He may even rival Keith for the best looking character in the show, and that’s saying a lot since I’m not generally into guys with purple skin.

Related image
I can work with this…

When you look at it, you can both hate and root for Lotor. One one hand, he’s trying to underhandedly take over the universe and on the other, he’s trying to underhandedly take over the universe from his psychotic father and mother.

He’s an anti-heroish, kind of like Deadpool. Except with good methods and bad intentions.

I’ll just sit here pretty and watch it all unfold. Something tells me I’m going to be pulling all-nighters in the days to come.


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