Everything’s More American Than Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese. Yep, nothing’s more American than mac and cheese. Well, maybe pie. And hamburgers. And a red, white, and blue flag. You know what? I take it back. Mac and cheese could be from anywhere.

Why am I talking about mac and cheese? Well, I just had a whole pot-full of it and that led me to remember a pun: “Look! Cheesie Mack’s eating mac and cheese!”

I don’t know why these random things are the things I can remember when what I really need to remember is what a lystic cycle is and why I should care.

But I distinctly remember that quote from the book series (unsurprisingly titled) “Cheesie Mack”.

Image result for cheesie mack book

One of the first book series I read when I was a little kid with a brand new library card.

I know I read the whole series, and I also disticntly remember literally rolling on the floor laughing at this one joke in book 2.

I’m looking forward to rereading the series (once I magically procur 10 dollars so  I won’t be banned from going to the library any more *cries*), but here’s the issue: I’m pretty sure I was 8 when I read it. I’m not a spring chicken and though I hate to admit it, I’m fairly positive my sense of humor has dried up toward jokes that involve toilets.

AAAAHHHH, I don’t wanna grow up. I can’t even depend on enjoying a childhood book anymore because I’m worried I’ll think it’s lame now.

Dear author of Cheesie Mack,

Please let your sense of humor somehow appeal to not-quite-adults too. Would be much appreciated and obliged.

Sincerely, Wishthought.

P.S. Give my lovliest gratitude to the artist, his art style makes Cheesie Mack look hot. That’s also very much appreciated.

Very much appreciated.

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