Comparing State Flags

The United States. 50 great states, and with about only two nationally recognizable flags.

texas flag

I would say Texas was trying to unabashedly plagraize when they were designing their flag, but since I live there, I can’t really call it anything but American patriotism at its best.

Besides, if I were to accuse Texas of such a thing, I would have to accuse Chile, Liberia, and Cuba of the same thing.

The only other recognizable flag that I can think of is the Californian flag, the one with the bear following the star. I can remember this one because it’s flag is the emblem on a lot of the clothes I wear.

Sorry if you live in another state. Your flags just aren’t the great.

But honestly, there’s one flag that doesn’t get enough credit for definitely being the prettiest flag in the country.

maryland flag
Sorry, Maryland, you are not America’s Next Top Model
new mexican flag
New Mexico is.

I gotta say, that is one gorgeous flag. It’s not even because I’m partial to yellow in general, but this flag is just really nice to look at. It’s simple, yet symbolic. And most of all, it doesn’t look like a rip-off of another region’s flag. It’s basically perfect.

We really need to remember New Mexico is an American state. It doesn’t get enough credit for whatever genius created this masterpiece.


One thought on “Comparing State Flags

  1. I’m not so sure about New Mexico’s flag. Frankly, I’m surprised the liberals aren’t ranting and rioting over it since it features the Zia’s primary religious symbol, the Sun, and the remains of the Zia people are in a reservation in New Mexico. 😉

    Oh, and Maryland’s has its own issues. That flag is the quartered arms of the Calvert and Crossland, both British noble houses who were involved in the original creation of the Baltimore colony…


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