A Tribute to Avicii


I didn’t know him personally and I wasn’t aware of his health issues until recently, but what I do know is that he made great music. He was my favorite EDM artist and I listened to his music almost everyday, especially “Wake Me Up”, “The Nights”, and “Without You”.

So when one my friends told me in a class that he had died, I didn’t believe her. She and my other friend watched as I scrambled to type in his name into the search bar, mistyping because panic was frying my brain.

I scanned the results and the first thing I see is “dead at 28”.

That’s all I needed to see. My eyes burned and two identical drops of water slid down my cheeks before I even knew what was going on. He was dead. Gone. Just like that. No warning. No notice. Just… gone.

And it hurt. I’ve had the fortune of never having someone especially close to me die, but this… this hurt. So I cried in front of essentially my entire class for 40 minutes, thinking about all the songs he wouldn’t get to create, all those come-back concerts he wouldn’t make it to, all that potential wasted. It wasn’t fair. None of it was fair.

So yeah. Avicii died yesterday and everyone in the EDM community is mourning his death. He was a pioneer and led the way for many other electronic artists. He created memorable songs and he was humble. He was thrust into the spotlight and backed out when he knew he had to. I respected his decisions about his career and looked forward to everything he released. His songs helped me get through the sour moments of life.

Whether I realized it or not, he was my hero. And now he’s gone.

I don’t know where he’ll end up, but hopefully, he’s in a better place.

We’ll miss you Avicii. You lived a life we’ll all remember.

you lived well avicii

Edit: To find out more about him, you can check his profile on Quora, where he wrote quite a bit about his musical processes and preferences in general.


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