Get To Know Me Better

Hey guys, Wishthought here. I’ll pretty much just be following this tag I’ve seen around, so ya’ll can know more about me as a person. And hey, maybe I’ll find Poptropican Boyfriend in real life this way.

Let’s get started.

What are my strengths?

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Relentlessly sketching in the corners of my assignments
  • Listening. Seriously, random people I barely knew have walked up to me to talk about their insecurities and how they feel.

What are my short term goals?

  • Writing this post
  • Killing my friends in tennis today

What are my long term goals?

  • Making it onto the national team for interp.
  • Finish writing my book and eventually publish it
  • Creating my superhero webtoons and becoming featured
  • Getting a scholarship to Colombia University School of the Arts

Who matters the most to me?

  • God
  • My best friend
  • My family
  • The totality of all my “friend groups”

What am I ashamed of?

  • Sometimes bragging about procrastinating.

What do I like to do for fun?

  • Tennis
  • Poptropica
  • Reading
  • Singing musical tracks with other fans
  • Writing on Storybird and writing with my friends
  • Creating comic book arcs for my OCs

What new activities am I willing to try?

  • Skiing

What am I worried about?

  • My friend’s potentially terminal disease

What are my values?

  • Respect
  • Finesse in a situation
  • Self Control
  • Intelligence
  • Artistry
  • Honesty

If I had one wish, it would be?

  • That my “friend” would pay the interest she owes me, which is over a hundred dollars at this point. She’s been trying to weasel out of it for over 3 months and good lord, it’s annoying.

Where do I feel the safest?

  • Under a blanket on a cold day, watching movies on my laptop.

What or who gives me comfort?

  • Listening to Katy Tiz’s “Whistle While You Work” when I’m facing a chore I really rather not do.

If I was afraid, I would…?

  • Text my friends about it. I’m scared, and I want someone to know my location in case something bad happens.

What is my proudest accomplishment?

  • Earning my first speech and debate plaque

Am I a night owl or early bird?

  • Both. Stay up late at night reading, wake up early to drag myself places I don’t want to go.

What does my inner critic tell me?

  • That I’m too critical and analytical of others.
  • Why can’t you spell the word “necessary” without googling it? Lame.

What do I do to show myself self-care?

  • Not forcing myself do something I don’t necessarily have to do.

Am I an introvert or extrovert?

  • Introverted in certain situations where I don’t want people to bother me, extroverted at all other times.

What am I passionate about?

  • Nothing just yet.

What do my dreams tell me?

  • That I should stop watching Voltron or anything until 2 in the morning because I will inadvertently dream up fanfictions. Actually, keep doing that. My fanfiction dreams are hilarious.
  • To build an elevator to Walmart on Chinese New Years.  Don’t ask me why.

What is my favourite non-fiction book?

  • All biographies about Benjamin Franklin, Renaissance artists and scientists, and the founding fathers. Specifically the series “Giants of Science”, of which I have read all.

What is my favourite fiction book?

  • No. I refuse to answer this. I love all my books too much.

What is my favourite movie?

  • Disney- tie between Wall-E, Wreck-it Ralph, and Frozen
  • Dreamworks- tie between the How To Train Your Dragon movies and Rise of the Guardians
  • Others- The Shankshaw Redemption and The Truman Show.

What is my favourite band?

  • Imagine Dragons, along with a bit of Walk the Moon, Coldplay and One Republic.

What is my favourite food?

  • Lasagna, I think. So many flavors…

What is my favourite colour?

  • Yellow, the color of the sun and Belle’s dress.

What am I grateful for?

  • Being alive so I can be with everyone I love and enjoy doing the things I love.
  • Also, the Incredibles sequel finally coming out.

When I am feeling down, I like to?

  • Sleep and act emo in general, even after I feel better.

I know I am stressed when?

  • I immediately want to take a nap just thinking about whatever the object of my stress is.


So yeah. I’m a Pretty Regular Person™, except for my dreams. Other information is that people who I’m friends with have told me they initially thought I was a mean person, which I don’t understand. I think I’m very approachable and relatable. I have information about almost every fandom out there, so if you like Pokemon, I know what Pikachu is and that it is a cardinal sin to say Digimon and Pokemon are the same thing.

Don’t be surprised I know what the difference is. Be surprised I got second place at my 6th grade spelling bee and still don’t know how to spell “necessary”.



2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Better

  1. Yay! This was so refreshing to read. 😀 Reminds me of my high school days in so many ways. I loved reading fanfiction so much to the point where I would also have weird fanficition dreams. They were wonderful to recount though.

    I can’t wait to read your superhero webtoons–let me know when you publish them. Also, I’m praying for your friend–some days must feel rather hopeless and lonely for your friend, but I hope your friend is aware that awesome people like you will always worry about them and be there no matter what. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The comic is a long ways away, but I’m getting there. Mostly trying to learn how to create a seamless story arc at the moment, but I’m really excited for the day I get to release it.

      And thank you for the support with my friend. They’re really scared of what’s going to happen and I’m just trying my best to listen, no matter what it is they have to say. I just want them to live their live to the fullest right now.


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