The Power of the Dork

I just recently came back from an banquet at my school for all those in Speech and Debate. We were basically looking back at all the good times we had and welcoming the newbies (yours truly especially) into the club officially.

Amidst all the tears and laughter, it made me think a little. When I look back in a couple of years to today, the day of the banquet, what would I look like?

Chances are compared to my great new 6’2 body and willingness to actually wear makeup, I’ll look like a giant dork who hadn’t undergone her magical girl transformation yet.

sailor moon.gif
So… what are your powers??


It’s almost a rule that you have to wear heels (in competition and saving the known world), and all the really successful actors and debaters wear them.

…er, no.

I hear girls complaining about their blisters at competitions all the time, and that’s one club I want no part of. I may not win very many competitions now, but at least I have comfortable feet. Plus the dork look fits me just fine, thank you very much.

Cooler future me will have a blast cringing at what she used to look like when the time comes.


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