Grades Matter More As You Grow Older

When you were in first grade, grades didn’t matter. All you had to worry about what was getting your coloring pages finished in time to watch power-puff girls.

In third grade, grades kind of started to matter because that’s when teachers started talking about this mysterious and mystical thing called “state testing” and it was apparently really important. But at least your homework was kept to a minimum and you still had time to catch “Arthur” on PBS kids.

In sixth grade, grades seem at their most important. You know you have to get good grades on your tests to get good grades on your report card. You don’t exactly know how your test grades directly affect your report card, but you’re not going to accept going home with anything less than a C. Left almost no time to watch your Nickelodeon shows, but you still managed.

In eighth grade, you have eagle-eyes on your grades. They are suddenly the most essential part of school, forget your friends. No, you can’t go to that sleepover, you have to study! If you don’t get that grade up, there’s no way you’re going to pass that class and you’ll have to go to summer school. That wouldn’t look good going into highschool.

10th grade, your GPA and your class rank is all you care about. Sacrifice everything to make sure you stay on top. No dances, no attending school sports games, no friends of the distracting variety. Your textbook is your best friend and there’s no one else who understand how much you want to get into that college.

By 12th grade, you’ve given up. Your grades still matter, but not nearly as much. The college can take your or leave you. All you want to do now is enjoy your remaining year before adulthood looms and you actually have to care about the real world. And yet, you know, you can’t really give up. This year is crucial, this year is… yeah, no. One last push and that’s it. One last push and you’re done.

And hopefully, that one last push is what propels you into a brighter future filled with even more textbooks and even more stressful classes no one wants to be in.


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