Ranting About My Lack of Blog Interaction

I really don’t understand how this website works. I sign up, optimistic but grounded about my chances of becoming very famous, and start writing.

After a few days, I pick up my first follower. Good…

A week later, another follower. Good, we’re getting somewhere.

And I just go along like this, slowly getting momentum and feeling good about my articles. I’m getting views and people like my stuff enough to follow me. Either that, or the people who follow me are “follow-happy” and will click the button for anyone. Anyway, it works, and everything’s going fine.

I’m busy wondering what’s up with that crap where you have 5 likes but 0 views, when out of nowhere, I check my stats and see “0 views, 0 visitors, 0 likes, 0 comments.” I don’t panic. There are some days like that, right? Like my mom says whenever I’ve asked her why my rice doesn’t have chicken in it, “Everyday isn’t Christmas. Now go eat your rice.”

Yeah? What if I don’t wanna eat my rice? What if I want it to be Christmas everyday? What if I want followers? Just one gosh darn view so my stats for that day won’t look so empty and desolate.

And then someone takes a look at your article, and everything’s great again. Plus, out of nowhere, this random dude decides to look at 20 of your articles and like more than half of them! That’s progress! It’s all about progress? It’s all about…

Oh. You’re back to the slump, and for the last 5 days, you’re greeted with this:

well, that oughta suck.JPG



One thought on “Ranting About My Lack of Blog Interaction

  1. Hmm…I usually discover blogs by noticing bloggers in the like/comment section of blogs I follow (I believe that’s how I found your blog). My best advice is to interact with other blogs and follow people who you think deserve it.
    It might be easier for me because there’s a specific niche for what I blog on (anime/Japanese music), but I’m sure you’ll still be able to work it out.
    Good luck on your blogging endeavors!

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