No Door Left Behind

They’re everywhere, yet we never see them. We walk through them and back, never really noticing their existence. And we if don’t regularly use them, we may never even know they’re there. They’re so important, yet only receive attention if they’re spinning in a circle, sound too loudly, or get in our way at unwanted times.


sad door

Think about it. Where you went to school or go to work, there are the doors you use. The entrance, the door to your office, the door to your cubicle.

Then there are the doors you don’t use. “Oh, whoops, knocked my hand against that door handle… wait, I never realized there was a door here. I… I’ve never seen this door in my life.”

Yes, you have. You just chose not to see it.

Guys, doors deserve more love.  Just because behind them lies that bathroom everyone avoids  or the ventilation system for the entire building doesn’t mean they don’t want appreciation too. Without them, you wouldn’t even be able to access those things.

Give each door an equal chance to be seen. No door left behind.


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