Plantain Chips w/ Blackmail On The Side

Sometimes, my mother can be very mean to me.

I’m talking about the time she was eating plantain chips after a hot day. In my house, the only person who got to eat Frito-lay brand chips was my little sister, when she decided that it was a good day to be a turd and scream in church until she got what she wanted. Evil little genius.

As I was saying, my mother was eating plantain chips, the next best thing. Naturally, I wanted some, so I asked if I could have some. She said I could, but right as I was about to rip into a bag, she stopped me. I should’ve taken it as a sign that something fishy was about to happen.

“Go take your bath first.”

I knew it! 

There was no way it would’ve been that easy to get them. A price had to be paid.

“Make sure it’s cold. Today was hot.”

*Gasp* No.

However, I dragged myself to shower. I normally would have no problem doing this, but cold water and I were in a bad relationship. I literally had to give myself at least 7 pep talks. And some of these happened too:


When I finally worked up the nerve, it was as bad as I feared it was.

cold water.gif
No joke, almost jumped out the shower.

The only thing that kept me going were the chips that awaited me at the end.

When the torture was over, I grabbed that bag of plantain chips and it turns out…

Plantain chips are a great way to blackmail me into a shower.



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