Spam Mail Almost Ruined My Reputation

I like to think I have a pretty solid reputation as a good, whole person in general. I don’t have any misgivings about everyone liking me, but I think I haven’t given people any good reasons to think I’m a bad person or a hypocrite. I certainly don’t hide anything.

Which is why, when I opened my email in class, with one of my male friends disinterestedly looking on, clicked on my “Social” tab, and saw this:

the definition of incriminating

I was quickly scrolled down like it didn’t exist and hoped he didn’t notice.

“Wait, wait, scroll back up.”


“Why?” Time to play the Innocence card.

“Scroll back up, I’m pretty sure I saw something.”

Shoot, time to play the I Saw It, But That Doesn’t Mean You Did card.

I refused to scroll back up and clicked away to another tab, away to safety. But one side glance told me he thought I was secretly the kind of person who closeted away myself to read Fifty Shades of Grey, and read lemon fanfiction for Sonic the Hedgehog when I thought no one was looking.

I still like reading middle school grade fiction and watching “Arthur” on PBS kids. I swear the fact that was on my feed was a coincidence. It is not reflective of who I am as a person. Really.

…okay, but when it comes to my ships, I will shamelessly read fanfiction fluff to my heart’s satisfaction.


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