Protect Stan Lee At All Costs

“Police investigate elder abuse of Marvel Comics’ legend Stan Lee”

I stare hard at the computer screen, wondering why.

Why would anyone want to bear the wrath of millions of comic book fans by hurting the legend?

Stan Lee is an old man, but it doesn’t take a hard-core comic book fan to know his name. After all, if you don’t read the comics, he’s made cameos in pretty much every Marvel movie. He even made a cameo in Big Hero 6.

So, the thought anyone would want to hurt the dear old man and take advantage of him is shocking, just thinking of the consequences.

As one of the directors for Big Hero 6 said, “We cannot be responsible for killing Stan Lee, because then we would be marked men.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone lays a hand on Stan Lee and that’s a signing the order to cease to exist faster than Loki in Infinity Wars.


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