“Army” at the Awards

I am a huge fan of Grace Vanderwaal.

yellow beret
Can I please have your beret? It’s fabulous.

I’ve been watching her since her first performance on America’s Got Talent and have followed everything she’s been doing since then.  In a way, I get to live my dreams of being a pop star through her without having to go through all the stress she undoubtedly manages. I’m very supportive of her career, and to be honest, my heart swells with real pride whenever she accomplishes something.

Not too long ago, she was nominated for Radio Disney’s award “Song That Makes You Smile.” I immediately went to the website and voted for her.

Then a few weeks later, I discovered very alarming news:

BTS had been nominated for the same award.

I also discovered Jungkook had excellent knees at the award ceremony performance. 

One of my male friends is obsessed with BTS, just like the millions of others who are part of “army”, BTS’s fan base. Army is huge and crazy in support of the k-pop group. I watched the Billboard Music Awards when they performed, and holy crap, I had never heard that many grown females screaming at the same time for a boy band. It was insane.

Grace, I love you and I will do whatever I can to support you but….

I’m gonna have to back out of this one. You can’t face army and expect to come back the same way you went in. The chances of winning the award now are one in a million. I’d consider it a real, actual miracle if Grace won the award over BTS.

If she did though, she’s have to come face to face with army. I’m gonna go build my bunker now. The fan base is coming.


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