Lance Is Conveniently Not Dead

Are we all just going to ignore the fact that Lance died??

I’m fresh off from finishing season six of Voltron, and I’m with everyone else: best season yet. I’m going to blog more about this, but I want to talk specifically about one part of the first episode of the season.


Weeks before the season came out on Netflix, I watched a theory video where it predicted Lance would sacrifice himself for the team. It was believable because Lance deep down is the most selfless member. He saved Coran during the explosion after Sendak’s crystal caused the castle to try to kill its inhabitants, and he even woke up from his unconsciousness in time to save Keith from Sendak himself.

But that didn’t mean I wanted him to die. He’s my favorite member and I wanted him to live to pilot the black lion at some point.

If Lance died, I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Then we get this:

Oh Lance, what’d you do this time?

Lance selflessly throwing himself in the direct line of danger for Allura’s sake and getting killed in the process. It happened so quickly, you didn’t have time to cry. In fact, you didn’t have time to realize he’d died until after the episode was over.

When I did get around to figuring it out, I was shocked. The theory had come true… except Allura’s fancy new knowledge of Altean alchemy came in handy to bring him back to life. 

Dang Allura. Wait to have ruined what would have been a truly artistic yet tragic moment for the show.

But you know what? As long as Lance lives, I’m happy to continue watching the show, dramatic laser blasts or not.

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