My Parents Are Predictably Old Fashioned

I have truly underestimated how old and not current my parents are.

Case in point: “Go use the YouTube to search up how to fix the window.”

What is “The YouTube”? Last I heard, Google didn’t buy something called “The YouTube”.

My parents also still use Facebook. I understand this one, because that’s how they talk to their friends and family who live in London or Canada. They also use Whataspp, which is apparently really popular among people in their race. I had previously thought only parents and other old people used it, but this boy asked me for my number and when I said I didn’t have one, he was like “What’s your Whatsapp?”

I suddenly missed the days of other kids asking each other “What’s your kik?”, when that was still a thing. Is Kik still current? I wouldn’t know. All I hear now is Instagram and Snapchat, neither of which I have, and neither of which I have any desire to have.

have a Facebook, but only with shame did I create my account. I’m big on not seeming behind on social media, but at the rate things become popular then slide out of favor, I choose to stay out of it.

Some days, I make the mistake of showing my ignorance when it comes to pop culture. A group of friends was talking about PewdiePie and I quietly asked “What’s a pewdiepie?”

Stunned silence, followed by a storm of asking if I knew who Markiplier was or who this gamer or that gamer was.

my feed

You see this? My feed on YouTube is primarily made of AGT, ANW, Disney, and Miraculous Ladybug. You won’t see any crazy click bait thumbnails with shocked expressions and possibly a sword sticking out of someone’s head. I assume that’s what Pewdiepie’s thumbnails look like. He’s the one with the pink mustache, isn’t he?

I have underestimated how old and not current my parents are. I have also underestimated how much I’m like them when I comes to people my own age.



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