Dramatic Button Pushes

Voltron: Legendary Defenders has a lot of dramatic moments.

Lance activating the Blue Lion, Shiro having flashbacks of his time with the Galra, Pidge’s devastation when she thought her brother was dead, Lotor, Lotor, LOTOR GOSH DANG IT! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TURN OUT TO BE EVIL??? HOW DARE YOU BREAK ALLURA’S HEART!!


All very dramatic in their own ways and I loved every second of it. But you know my most favorite dramatic moment?

Image result for voltron opening coran
That is one heck of a button push, my dude. 

He pressed that button with so much gusto, I was afraid he would break it. I normally don’t like to sit through the intro because it’s so long, but I stay for Coran’s crowning moment. Honestly, not enough people realize Coran is the true star of the show.



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