In Appreciation of Lance

Of all the paladins of Voltron, Keith is my favorite.


Just kidding. Lance is my favorite, because he’s a precious boy. But I love Keith art montages.

Besides, Keith is a spicy boy who knows how to protect himself. He’s a skilled swordsman, which comes in handy since he’s in the Blade of Marmora, who are all about swords. And being Galra in general. Where did he learn to fight with a sword in the first place? There couldn’t have been a class on it in the Garrison.

Anyway, the point is Keith can defend himself from generally anything. Not just anyone can survive facing Zarkon alone in a battle.

Now Lance?

Featured above: Artful Lance, Jelly Lace, Smooth Lance, Lance Being Lance.

Any Lance is the best Lance. When I was introducing my brother to Voltron: Legendary Defenders, he said he thought Lance was annoying.

bad choice.gif
My reaction, which I now realize may have been a bad choice of gif for HTTYD fans

But Lance isn’t Keith. He’s not as serious, though he’s trying his best.

I think it’s safe to say no one wants to see Lance injured though the producers clearly don’t listen to us. Lance is the heart of team Voltron. Whenever he gets harmed, so does the rest of the team and so do the hearts of the fans.

Without Lance, Keith wouldn’t have been the leader (sigh, no black lion for Lance then) he is today. Pidge wouldn’t have gotten enough money to get that vintage game.

lance is amazing.gif

Lance was the first one to give us a clue Shiro wasn’t himself. And Hunk… well, I’m sure Lance influenced Hunk in some way. AND AND AND Allura got a lot of help when she confided in Lance. We can only hope Lance won’t end up as the rebound boy after the Lotor thing.

Bottom line is, Lance doesn’t get hurt, and no one gets hurt. The same thing can’t be said of every paladin, which is why Lance is a precious boy.

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