Have You Seen My Space Dad?|S6E1 Review

With season 7 of Voltron coming up really soon, I figured it was about time to write those reviews of season 6 I promised.

I usually like to skip the intro, but whenever there’s a new season, I make sure I see it to build up hype for myself.

Already at it

Less than ten seconds, and Lotura is already real. After all that unexpected shipping material from that trip to Oriande last season, I wasn’t expecting anything different. All aboard Lotura!

lol his face
Me when my mom is issuing out Saturday chores.

Lotor has a nanny? Well, every good genius-rogue-adventurer-savior-of-the-universe needs a good nanny. Batman had Alfred, Muffy had Bailey, Batman had Alfred. The relationships are endless.

But she’s so mean! How dare she hit my precious boy Lance?

lance nooo

Okay, so maybe Lance deserves it. Shame on you, Lancey Lance, making Lotor embarrassed like that.


Awww, Hunk, our little ambassador. Good luck not dying!

not dead
Fire of Purification? Eh, I’ll pass.

Wasn’t Sendak supposed to be dead like, 3 season ago? It’s like he can’t stay dead, just like Shiro.

Also, Vrepit Sa means the Killing Thrust? That’s a mouthful for a farewell, don’t you think, Zarkon?


I’m confused as to whose Acxa loyalty lies. She worked for Lotor because she thought Lotor was done for, then she worked for Haggar because why not, but Lotor’s back so is she going to go back? Also, why does she keep on letting the Paladins get away when she thinks no one is looking? She needs to hurry up and pick who’s side she’s on.


Hunk taking over the leader role. I like this. Maybe at least once this season, everyone will get a leadership role too, say, Lance piloting the black lion?? It’s possible….]

lance whyy

I understand you’re a jelly boy, Lance, but lay off on the mockery of my Lotura ship, aight?

not today no no no

Shiro clone, now is NOT the time to have one of your seizures!! You’re gonna get them all killed! Where’s the real Shiro when you need him?

lance be dead


never mind

Never mind.


It is questionable who said this to whom, since they both technically saved each other from certain death. Though if Allura died, you could only hope Lance is revealed as Altean and his love for Allura would be able to bring her back to life.

Dang, now I want to read a fanfic about this…


Oh look, now Haggar is a sacred Altean and has turned back to Honerva. How exciting.

A really good start to the season, I think. Excitement, clear character development, insight into Haggar’s connection to the Shiro clone, aka Shirone, aka Kuron. The only question is,



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