I Get Confused Hearing “Happy New Year” In The Middle of June

There are two occasions in America where you see fireworks at night. Independence Day, and New Years Eve.

I love both these days, because who doesn’t love a good dash of American history and fireworks? But what bothers me is when my parents call their friends on the phone and say “Happy New Year”.

*I check the calendar*

“But today’s March 24th…”

And it shouldn’t bother me since I’ve been hearing this pretty much my entire life, but it does. It triggers me, in fact.

I don’t know if it’s a thing only people of my race do, because my race has a lot of quirks.

  • Buying groceries for people you haven’t seen in a long time, even if you’re only staying for 5 minutes.

Image result for buying groceries for strangers gif

  • Then hugging their kid, even though that’s the last thing the kid wants.

Image result for mad hugging gif

  • Talking to random strangers purely because they come from the same place and happen to speak the same language. Kind of like when you hear someone talking about your fandom and you turn around and it becomes your mission to be best friends with this person for at least 2 minutes.
Image result for meeting someone in your fandom gif
True story, by the way.

I’m pretty sure some of the above apply to a lot of ethnicities, but I think the “Happy New Years” thing is special to mine.

I should just pull out a glass of champagne and raid a fireworks warehouse whenever I hear that and it’s not December 31st. That’s a lot of hiccups and explosions and financial war to deal with, dear parents.  Remember that.


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