Kosmo, The People’s Space Wolf|Voltron Season 7 Review

I didn’t know what to expect when starting to watch season 7 of Voltron. So Lotor was gone and the paladins had nothing to their names except their lions and their various pets.

Starting the season, they immediately had issues. Shiro’s “soul” was rejecting his clone body and a portion of the crew had been shrunk down. However, like always, luck was on their side and everything turned out fine.

Plus we got the chance to see what Shiro looked liked before he became a space grandpa.

Image result for young shiro voltron
White really doesn’t suit you, Shiro. 

Then we get some cool space wolf action! Keith never actually calls him Kosmo through-out the entire season, but we know he’s thinking it. It makes me glad to know Kosmo is everyone’s pet.

And what do you know? We get to see Lotor’s former generals again. Looks like they’ve teamed up against Axca, which is understandable. That woman (alien) does more flip-flopping than your average fish-out-of-water.

Welcome to the good side, Acxa. Can we all please appreciate it when Zethrid and Ezor were teasing Keith and Acxa’s weird friendship, and Keith got all awkward? If he wasn’t the emo-boy we all know and love, I was sure he would’ve blushed right then.

Also Coran saved the day.

Image result for coran gif voltron
With a little help from the mice, who have been remarkably helpful throughout the seasons.

I feel like the game show episode was a bit useless. They were trying to capture last season’s lightness of the “Monsters and Mana” episode, but it didn’t work that great. Especially since they poked so much fun at Lance. Not cool.

However, I did find it adorable that Lance and Keith voted for each other. “Keith is the future”? Are we getting some subtle foreshadowing for more aliens coming to earth and making more half-human babies? Hmmm….

Image result for altean lance
Yes, I am entirely for Altean Lance, even if I only have my fanfics to support me. 

So the Blade of Marmora is almost extinct? Yikes. Time to say goodbye to Mom, Keith. Ya’ll have had some swell times. They all did.

…Except for when they were being attacked by those said monsters Lance said would come to kill them eventually came and they found themselves lion-less.

Image result for lost in space
Lost in space. Ha.

Not so funny? Keith dissing Hunk and saying they weren’t even friends in the first place.

Lucky for us, Hunk was stronger than that and saved the team from being eaten by a giant space illusion. Everyone wins and the lions come back, unsurprisingly.

AND NOW THEY GET TO GO HOME! I’ve been waiting for this moment from the moment I started watching this series.

omg finally.gif

Except wait, Earth’s all jacked up because the Galra have taken over. Man.

At least we get to see those long-awaited reunions. My heart practically burst out of my chest when Lance gave his huge family what had to be the most heart-felt group hug in all of animation.

So there’s been progress, and the Earth technology has been integrated with Altean technology yada yada yada.

Related image
Who are these people?

I have absolutely no reason to dislike them, but Mr. Group Leader here is annoying. I can’t help but feel the producers are trying to make a Voltron-like team, even if that isn’t the case. I just want my original Paladins back.

The good news is that they are back, and Keith actually liked Hunk’s hug.

Hunk hugging keith
Keith, what’s that weird thing you’re doing with your face??

Awww. And Lance almost got killed again… I’m sure Allura wouldn’t have let that happen anyway.

Let’s all give it up for the new (and only) captain of the Atlas, Takashi Shirogane. He’s finally where he belongs, watching over his space children and being awesome with his cool new arm. This was a long time coming.

Alas, he must fight Sendak to finalize the victory. I mean, he won, but it did help that Keith mercilessly sliced Sendak in half near the end. Thanks bro.

Much good it does though. As soon as we start basking in the glory of winning it all, WE GET ANOTHER ROBOT FROM LITERALLY NOWHERE. AND THE ATLAS TRANSFORMS INTO A MECHA BIGGER THAN VOLTRON ITSELF. 


Sigh. Why do the creators do this to them? All the paladins wanna do is sleep.

To be fair, the huge Atlas mecha is kind of slow, but it kicks the new robot’s butt. Everyone on earth is finally, finally, safe.

Whoops, never mind. The new robot has a self destruct mechanism. No biggie, the paladins fly it out to space and it explodes, annihilating every…paladin… as it… detonates.

It feels like hot waves of sea tried to drown my from the inside out and even when I found out they were alive, I was still shivering in horror and my skin still prickled like I was suddenly dunked in a bucket of ice water and forced to stand in harsh wind to dry off.

I couldn’t even appreciate the fact that Earth recovered and they all got to see their friends again and that it was an Altean that attacked them.

That finale gave me more emotions at once than anything else I’ve ever experienced in my life. Phenomenal is the only word. Really.

Side notes:

  • Hunk x Romelle? I didn’t see it before, and I don’t see it now. They can be friends at least.
  • I don’t like the four fighter pilots. I feel like we’re supposed to like them, which prompts me to dislike them even more. That leader guy just gets on my nerves.
  • All aboard the Acxa x Keith ship. Some people think it’s one sided, but I know better. If Keith marries Acxa, will their kid be 75% galra?
  • Lance x Allura isn’t really something I want to see happen. Lance doesn’t deserve to be the rebound man, especially since it looked like he was starting to get over his crush on Allura. However, I am a die-hard shipper, no matter the ship, so I’ll support this if it actually happens.

See ya’ll season 8!

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