Yikes! Meter™: Ranking BTS, One Direction, & Justin Bieber

These days, BTS is all the rage. Not too long ago, a friend was telling me all her friends were huge BTS fans and kept on spamming their group chat with member pictures.

Having a friend or two just like that, I said she needed better friends. She nodded, thinking I was talking about friends who cared about other subjects.

Which I was. Until I thought about two other popular folk people have forgotten about in BTS’s new spotlight.

Harry Styles and Harry Styles.

What can I say, I’m a fan.

Jokes aside, I’m talking about his band, One Direction, and talk of every tabloid in the last few months, Justin Bieber.

Let’s compare BTS, One Direction, and Justin Bieber at the height of their popularity. At the end, I’ll rank from one to three on the “Yikes! Meter™”.


BTS can regularly be seen at concerts doing really complicated dance moves, meeting and flirting with female fans, being adorable at interviews, and making fans scream and cry every time they lift their pinky fingers.

Yikes! Meter™ rating? Let’s give the boys a 2.

One Direction:

Hold on, forgot our deserter. ANYWAY, of course we have Harry Styles being amazing without trying, forced fan adoration in a picture, and the slightly more forced showing of the members trying to look like they’re having a great time. I suppose you couldn’t expect anything else from an organized boy band. But according to Liam’s smile, they had a great time.

Yikes! Meter™ rating? They’re coming back to us soon, and hopefully with some real hype. Gonna give this a 1.

Justin Bieber:

I’m kind of surprised he’s still popular. You know, given the back and forth of the above shown couple ending up with… never mind. A lot of people now would never admit to being a fan, but we all mostly agree his songs were actually catchy. I remember watching a tour documentary where girls were smashing their faces against his limo. For a long time, I thought that was how all celebrities lived.

Yikes! Meter™ rating? The limousine thing really helped out and he shall being crowned with the highest rating of 3!

Congrats JB, you had the craziest fans and relative drama. If you get around to making anymore music, make sure to give BTS and 1D a run for their money.


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