My Attempt At Befriending The New Guy

I really don’t understand why boys have to be so complicated. Why anyone has to be so complicated. But males especially. 

You’re in a brand new class and thankfully, you know a few people and sit with them. Examining the room, you see some new faces you hadn’t seen before.

Your eyes land on someone near the back, hunched over his phone with his headphones on. Typical. The headphones are screaming “I’m trying to play Fortnite or some other popular game, so take ten steps backward in the direction you came.”

What do you do?

>>Approach him anyway

>> Let him play his Fortnite

Not that you really care.

The next couple of days are calm and you are enjoying the class. But every now and then, your eyes will accidentally slip to the guy with the headphones.

You want him to take off his headphone so you can have the chance to interact with him. At the same time, he doesn’t seem to want any human interaction and–

>>You look up at him unnoticed

>> He looks up at the exact same time


Not a great way to start. The worst thing is that he notices you noticing him like 6 more times, and after the fourth time, he probably thinks you like him.

>>You don’t. Not really.


But miracles do happen, and there’s a group project, and he is forced to talk to others. Now’s your chance!

He’s looking around aimlessly, pretending he doesn’t care he’ll probably have to group up with people who:

>>Accepted him into their group out of sympathy

>>Were the leftovers when others quickly chose their cliques or whatnot.

He’s walking towards the group of leftovers! Quick!

>>Run up and ask him to be part of your group

>>Stick with your friends and wish him the best of luck in socializing.

You’ve done a brave thing and asked him. Now you’ll find out his true nature, if he wants to be friends or if he really does want to be left alone. And what’s this?? He said “Okay” in a nonchalant yet excited manner??

New friend acquired! Kind of!

In the next few weeks of the class

>>He starts warming up to you and your group of friends and you’ve even collaborated on a few more projects!

>>He can now catch your eye without it being awkward and sometimes you get a nod from him when he actually looks up from his phone

So it’s not like ya’ll are BFFs now, but at least that’s one more person you know. The real question is, would he be willing to join you in the talent show at the end of the class in front of the entire student body to perform Hamilton?

>>Nervously ask him to join, though no pressure…

>>AGGRESSIVELY ask him to join, because you’re short one member!

Oh. He’s walking away.

Well, it was worth a try.




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