From The Frustrated Journal of a Plance Shipper

Imagine you’re in a shipping sort of mood, so you look up fanfiction for your favorite rare pair in Voltron, Plance (or Pidgeance).


If any one said that to me I would beat them
The creators must make this canon, immediately.

You’re also in the mood for some of that angst.


Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 9.31.25 AM

Excuse me, but since when is Klance a rare pair? It’s like the most un-rarest pair in the entire fandom, neigh the whole world. 

You can’t find a single fanfic of your beloved Plance. It’s all Keith x Lance, Lance x Keith, Klance, Klance, Klance.

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 9.38.14 AM

We get it, Voltron fandom. You love Klance even though it’s never going to become canon and to soothe yourselves, you write literally thousands of fanfiction.

But would it be so bad to support Plance?

Support this rare pair. Please. 

When I find a fanfic where lance dies and Pidge is the one to grieve, my Plance will be watered and I will officially be shattered.


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