Miraculous Ladybug Frozer: A Whole Mood

The creators have done it again.

They have managed to trigger the entire Miraculous Ladybug fandom one way or another, rubbing someone the wrong way no matter what happens.

When you first start the episode, it feels like you accidentally skipped to the end of it when the villain’s about to be defeated. And believe me when I say I checked the time more than once.

Then we get more of Chat Noir flirting. Okay, but how come everyone ignores the fact that he literally stole the rose from that guy’s bouquet?

well well well
Ladybug is the witness here

Anyway, as expected, Ladybug immediately says no. I was just about ready to move on when the creator’s give us the moment that’s been troubling me and the rest of the fandom for a few weeks.


Cue the mini heart attack. Of course, I already knew it was a dream of sorts even though I desperately wanted to believe otherwise. Still a huge letdown though.

But hey, we got a callback from season 1 episode one!


When Ladybug walked off saying she was in love with someone else, I wanted to smash my head against a (soft) wall.

I really just felt so bad for Adrien. Rejected by his crush multiple times and he didn’t even have anyone to talk to. I right nearly snorted when he wanted to confide in his gorilla butler. But my theory that he would confide in Kagami because he was rejected by Ladybug based on the trailers proved to be correct.

But that doesn’t mean my heart didn’t want to leap out my chest when she was like:

“Change targets.”

Uhhh, YES PLEASE. I’m one of those shippers who will ship anything in Miraculous. I just want Adrien to get some love. Plus, Kagami’s awesome. She’s pretty, has great fashion sense, and she’s surprisingly confident. If Adrien is too shy to make a move, she has no qualms about getting to the point.

And the way she sends those subtle messages by using analogies and metaphors has me wondering why the writers can’t use that same smart writing to give the other characters some development.

I mean, c’mon. 

dem shipsss
So we observe a pair of wild Nathaniel and Marc… I really wanna see where this relationship goes. Hi, Mylene and Ivan!

Marinette bumped into Adrien, running for some reason. Why is she always running somewhere?

>>Adrien: “Can we talk?”

>>Marinette: “ABBA-SUTE-LY”

Same, Marinette, same.

Then this happens:


This has never happened to me, because I don’t make friends with people who will break my heart.

When Alya and the girls come up with solutions, I was fully expecting Juleka to say something along the lines of: “Hey, why don’t you forget about Adrien and go out with my hot older brother?”

But we’re talking about Juleka, so let’s be real. Marinette ends up walking out and wellwillyoulookatthatitsLuka.

Luka the muppet
Such low quality…

I’m not gonna lie when I say he looked like a whole muppet staring down Marinette when she came outside.

I wish Luka played an acoustic guitar instead of an electric. I get he’s a fan of Jagged Stone, but electric guitar does not sound good unless it has a drum and keyboard along with it. Just an opinion of mine.

What I wish more is that he would get some EYELASHES. I thought the creators would have fixed that by now.

I wish Marinette would just go out with Luka. She said herself that Adrien makes her way too nervous for them to be a good couple (something the fans have forcefully ignored), and meanwhile she was able to casually ask Luka to go ice-skating with her. Luka’s mature, he can read her true feelings, and he makes Marinette the Compass’s heart flutter. Plus, he likes both her and Ladybug, but more Marinette. They’re a perfect ship.

But it really aggravated me when instead of seeing the great guy who was ice-skating with her, she kept on sneaking side glances at Adrien and getting jealous. Luka noticed and OUR BOY WAS HURT. But he took it so well and kept on dropping these hints that he liked Marinette and Marinette still had trouble deciding between the two.

Other people have said Adrien has confused feelings, but not on the scale of Marinette. She wants Luka, but she also wants Adrien, and she’s all guilty for not liking Chat Noir.

Adrien, on the other hand, is trying his best to be decisive. He actively pursues Kagami, but the thing with him is that he’s too nice to all the girls in his life. No wonder Plagg called him out.

Kagami has some serious claws. “I never hesitate” has never sounded more intimidating and I LOVE IT. It may be what Marinette needs to finally get to guts to confess.

Then we finally get an akumatized villain, which, to be honest, no one cared about.

But I have this theory that due to the villain’s dramatic nature and voice, he could be the father of that one kid from the Gorizilla episode. The kid who awesomely said the lines “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” in order to protect Adrien.

Anyway, the romantic subplot almost overshadowed the fact that they got new ice powers! I loved Ladybug’s transformation, and I especially liked what the creators did with Chat’s during his.

But I HAD to snort when I saw his pose at the end. Just imagine Adrien doing that.

yeah no
Yeah…honey, don’t do that.

When our cat was being petty, I was kind of pissed at Ladybug for asking if he was STILL mad about what happened earlier.

Of course he’s still mad. I’d still be mad. Getting rejected for the 23rd time isn’t something you should take lying down emotionally. I got a sort of satisfaction seeing Chat storm off.

But it’s not too long before they’re reunited again. Those two really were meant for each other.

As per usual, through some ridiculously complicated plan, they capture the akuma. Adrien helped out the teacher, and then Kagami said “You’re letting people push you around again.”

Image result for squint gif

Excuse me, its *👏* called *👏* being *👏* nice *👏 *. She should try it sometime.

That’s not to say I wasn’t disappointed when Adrien said he wasn’t going to change targets. At least we got a kiss on the cheek out of it.

And Marinette sees the kiss and assumes the wrong thing and ahhhhh Marinette, STOP BEING BLIND. Luka is there waiting for you! All she had to do was ignore Adrien and ahhhhhh!

Image result for frustrated gif
A whole mood.

Just so frustrating for Lukanette shippers everywhere.

Not kidding, I just had a flashback to when they first met when Luka teased her and they shared their love for Jagged Stone, and he suavely walked out, leaving her heart to melt.


lukanette gif


I guess it was just time for this ship to sink and time for the shippers to move on. At least we got a farewell kiss out of it.

I’ll be in a corner sobbing if you need me.

Marinette ran and called after Adrien like she was in a romance movie.

I wonder what she’s doing until she starts saying stuff about Adrien not liking her but she was going to say it anyway and she confessed to him.

I lost it.

Image result for freaking out gif

Absolutely lost it.

I yelled “SHE DID IT” to my brother in the hallway and to my brother downstairs. “MARINETTE DID IT.” Then I dropped down to my knees and started doing something equivalent of sobbing, rife with pride for her.

“Its probably fake.”

It was fake. I knew it was as soon as I saw the graphed background and like pictograms, just like with Adrien.

Cue yells of anger from the whole fandom.

Why do the creators love trolling us so much?

Our hearts cannot take this for much longer.

I’m really into the love octagon, but I still wish we could get more lore. More info about the history of the guardians of the kwamis, more about what happened to Lila, more about Adrien’s mom in stasis.

I hope they’re not planning to push that all into season three,  like how they pushed all the new heroes into this season.

And are we ever going to New York? They’ve mentioned it so frequently in the later episodes of the season, yet bluff after bluff after bluff.

Miraculous Ladybug is truly a test of patience. I applaud all those who have stuck it out this far.


4 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug Frozer: A Whole Mood

    1. I kind of died when I saw the thumbnail for the episode. I WAS NOT PREPARED. I was even less prepared to see Lila, DIRECTLY after I questioned her existence in this post.

      And as you saw with the other rant-post, I’ll be spending the next few days in hibernation until the English one comes out. *Looking forward to spending a week on next review like with this one*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We were ALL questioning where Lila was this whole season. And then she appeared… it’s like they actually heard me cursing out the show’s seeming lack of direction plot-wise.


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