Voltron Season Eight Review: Okay, But What If Lance Was Altean

Guess who’s ending the show disappointed, ecstatic, and annoyed right now?

That last episode. Wow. I have almost no words for the range of emotion I got.

So many things I didn’t want to happen happened, and so many things I did want to happen did this season. 

First thing: Let’s review the things I wanted to happen:

  • Day 11: For Lance to get the Black Lion.

So that didn’t happen. However, I don’t mind as much as I thought I would. I guess Keith grew on me this season. I’m not gonna say I didn’t complain every now and then when he got to do something cool I felt Lance should have done, but I felt he was the leader. He owned the leader role. I wouldn’t want Lance to take over for him, just because. Keith grew into the role, and well, Lance grew into his role as the red lion’s paladin. 

  • Day 10: For Keith to will Lance ownership of the Black Lion, if Lance can’t just have it. 

They had so many many opportunities to make this happen. So many. Obviously, the best was when they were conversing on the black lion, watching the sunset. Keith was already spewing some uncharacteristically gooey things, and throwing in “If something ever happened, I know you’d be a great paladin to take over Voltron”, wouldn’t have been that weird or out of place. However, since Voltron wasn’t needed by the end of the season, and the claim would be null anyway, I guess that’s that. 

  • Day Nine: For Allura to rule the Altean colony Lotor founded. 

This one…ah, apparently the Altean colony didn’t exist anymore. They never explained how Honerva managed to overtake the all powerful Guardian Lion, but it seems all the Alteans had been brainwashed by her and lead to Oriande. Man, I remember when Oriande was this huge mythical place back in season six. Anyway, Allura clearly isn’t going to rule it, since she’s you know– yeah. 

  • Day Eight: Seeing the paladins grown up and teaching their kids how to pilot the lions. 

I really do feel a little cheated with this. We saw the paladins grown up, but apparently, Pidge’s family “created” the new generation of legendary defenders. I don’t know if they mean the MFE fighters, or that AI named “Chip” she and Matt were making, Either way, there were no children involved in the process. And I’m kind of upset. Ah well. It was kind of wishful thinking anyway. Seeing Lance talking to those aliens kids kind of sufficed. But not really. 

  • Day Seven: For Keith and Pidge to hang out as friends.

The good news with this is that we did get some platonic Kidge moments. A few handholding moments. But nothing memorable that comes to mind that can warm your heart. It’s fine. I didn’t want this as badly as I wanted other things, so it’s cool that they got whatever time they had. 

  • Day Six: For Lotor to return as a good guy.

Yeah, no. He returned alright. As a melted mass still screaming in his chair. He was dead the entire time, right up until the last episode. But even then, he was still dead, it was just that his essence was alive outside the universe in the fold of space time itself.  In fact, Lotor being dead was the whole reason for Honerva doing all the screwed up crap she did. 

  • Day Five: For Shiro’s hair to turn back black. 


  • Day Four: For Plance to become canon. 

Here we go. Oh boy. I did all I could to cling to hope. But my plance started shriveling at the very start. First, Lance confessing his (quite literal) unending love to Allura, then the kiss, then every moment after that. Sure, we could see Pidge was a tiny bit disappointed after hearing about the date, but she got over it so quickly. She even went as far as giving up her videogame to help Allura buy and outfit. And it was as if the creators were quietly chanting “Please like this ship! We like this ship! So you should too! Please like this ship.”

Uhhhhh, no. Nopeity nope nope. And I know it wasn’t just me who cringed every time an Allurance moment happened. I don’t hate Allura, and I definitely don’t hate my child Lance. I just don’t like how this ship developed. If you don’t agree, listen to my logic as a shipper. Things with Lotor didn’t work with Allura, so she had numbed feelings for a while. Lucky for her, she could turn to someone who had always adored her: Lance. And it’s stupid because she ignored Lance’s feelings when she was falling face-first for someone who actually reciprocated her feelings. She even said Lance wasn’t her type, but once her perfect guy turned out to be not so perfect, she turned to Lance, effectively rendering him as the rebound guy. See, at this point, Lance should’ve been over Allura already, once he saw she had no interest in him. But he has actual unending love. Even though it’s not logical. Even though it doesn’t make sense. If anything, he should’ve been saltier once she hinted she liked him. But no. He went right along with it.

I’ll try to think of this from an Allurance shipper’s prospective: Lance’s crush on Allura evolved from the usual puppy love to something much deeper. So even when Allura ignored him and went out with Lotor, he never stopped caring about her. And he made it his mission to show that he cared about her even more once Lotor’s true self was revealed. That’s when she started to notice how Lance was always there for her. And she accepted him. 

That doesn’t still mean I’m not going through a world of disappointment and frustration right now. There was so much evidence for Plance. So many comments from the creators and voice actors that it would probably happen. And yet… nothing. It’s even worse because of the supposed leaks. I knew some were fake. But for the most part, they weren’t. But the leak where Pidge was blushing in Lance’s direction was. 

When I very very slowly came to accept that Plance wouldn’t happen, they pulled out the flashes to the future. One picture where they had grown up. And I was hoping for another, with Lance’s arm slung around Katie’s shoulders or them holding up their hands, waggling their new razzly-dazzly wedding rings. But nope. Pidge was busy with robots, and Lance was raising more Kalteneckers, wistfully gazing at an Altean flower. I had never been more disappointed with a ship in my life. 

They even had an opportunity when they went to the carnival. It would be a chance, just like at the space mall, when Lance Naruto-ran to catch a coin so he and Pidge could purchase a game together. They could’ve gone to the arcade together. And yet, there was Lance wasting time trying to out-wit one of those space dealers, trying to win a prize for his (cringe with me now, Plance shippers) “girlfriend.” 

So I was on the very verge of crying when Allura was about to sacrifice herself and she was talking to Lance for the last time. I wasn’t about to sob a river because it was sad. I was about to build Noah’s ark because it was even happening in the first place. It shouldn’t have been happening. The eh-I-guess-I’ll-miss-you she gave to Hunk was what she should’ve given to Lance, because they had no special bond. I would’ve prefered she’d given her heart-felt goodbye to even Keith, because I ship Kallura even more than I ship Allurance. There shouldn’t have been a first date kiss. There shouldn’t have been a goodbye kiss. Lance should’ve been saying those words to a certain short girl, with honey colored eyes, an adorable laugh, and an intellect surpassing that of Einstein’s. Every intimate word he said to Allura should have been to Pidge instead. 

I’m just so so very very impossibly impossibly angry Allurance happened at all. Yeah, I have issues. And one of them is how badly I needed Plance to happen instead. The creators failed in this area, in my opinion. 

Day Three: For Kacxa to become canon.

Whoops, neither of them got an endgame. I’ll admit I wanted an endgame for Acxa more than I wanted one for Keith, but I’m fine with how it ended. Honestly, I don’t know why the creators even set Keith to be so important to Acxa when nothing would happen between them anyway. My guess is they needed Acxa to have some sort of connection to someone similar to her outside the evil half-galra girl group, and the only person was Keith. They kind of went into having her become friends with the others on the Atlas this season, but that also kind of went nowhere. It was a lost effort. 

  • Day Two: For Griffin to eat some seriously spicy humble pie, served by Lance, Keith, and Hunk. 

In one of the biggest surprises this year: I didn’t completely hate Griffin. Don’t get me wrong, I still wish he didn’t exist in the first place, but he’s… “okay” now. He didn’t do anything, and that’s just the way I like it. He only showed up when it was necessary, and he was kind of funny. The sight of him doesn’t make me see red anymore, at least. And it had always aggravated me that he was so handsome, but it’s fine now. 

And in the most unexpected and welcomed events of the season, my last unofficial wish that I didn’t know I had until I had it:



Who’s the half-breed now, Keith? 

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