Why Everyone Hated Season Eight of Voltron

I hate to say this, but I think I hate Voltron now. My thoughts may have been influenced from the intense roasts I watched on YouTube right after binging the show and the comments under the following videos. 

Now, I am a serious Lance stan. But you wouldn’t have to be for Lance to be the one you wanted to get the happiest ending. After all, he’s been lacking true self-confidence since season one, he died momentarily in season seven, and he’s missed his family this entire time. Not to mention, he had been rejected by so many girls so many times, when all he wanted to find was love. 

It’s the general consensus that even though we may not be fans of Allurance, we were glad Lance had found happiness. Of  course, there were those who noticed Lance didn’t seem happy when he was with Allura, but I think it was because Lance wanted to share Allura’s burden. 

However, most people are as angry and frustrated as I am because of the following reasons:

  • Allura sacrificed herself. We may or may not understand the logic behind why she had to die, but many see this as the creators killing off one of their strong female characters. I think it has less to do with them wanting kill someone relevant, and more that was how the story was set up from the beginning. 
  • Coran didn’t get to say goodbye to his pseudo-daughter. He was Allura’s second father, right down to roasting Lance when he came for advice. He shed tears when he felt he had failed Alfor in raising Allura, and no one cared more about Allura from the very beginning than Coran. And still…he didn’t get to say goodbye to her. There wasn’t an injustice to a non-paladin character greater than this. 
  • Lance was left with no one. Again, all Lance wanted was to have someone to love him. And when he finally got that someone, she was taken away from him. And it hurt for him and for us.
  • Neither Plance nor Klance became canon. Or any other ships for that matter. I hadn’t known this before, but the Klancers felt nearly identical to what the Plancers felt in terms of surety that their ship would become canon. As a Plance shipper myself, I had watched videos and read multiple theories that proved that Plance would become canon 99% of the time in all realities. I was pumped up and ready to see Pidge and Lance, Lance and Pidge, the garrison duo! But… episode after episode… nothing. My hopes shriveled. And for Klance, they set up so many moments where Lance and Keith bonded in ways they never had before. Even I (who doesn’t ship it) was quaking a bit during the sunset scene. And yet… absolutely nothing to show for it. The good news is the the shippers have finally united over one common idea: anything would’ve been better than Allurance at that point in the show. 
  • And now, for the worst thing: LANCE BECAME A FARMER.

I take serious issue with this. 

Lance. My sweet sunshine child who deserved all the happiness and love and joy in the world. Who needed someone to believe in him. Who wanted to become a ninja spy assassin, the sharpshooter, the best pilot in the garrison.

A fricking fracking farmer.

This is absolute disgust you’re hearing. 

How could they do that to him? How could they throw away his dreams and aspirations? My heart physically hurts for him. As many others say, Lance would remain grieving for his lost love, by the Altean marks given to him. 

And as much as I love Altean Lance, he shouldn’t have to suffer because of the marks, constantly reminded of her. 

I guess, what I’m trying to say here, is that though this season was amazing in certain ways, ex: Fight scenes, Day 47, incredible visuals, cool concepts, the space carnival, returns to earlier jokes, MATT… it wasn’t enough. 

That feeling that developed while watching the season overshadowed the good moments. So much that even though I wanted to cry during Allura’s goodbyes to everyone, I just couldn’t. I felt numb to everything. I wanted to scream, if nothing else.

Nothing was going the way it was supposed to go. 

Almost no one came out of this happy. And I think that’s the worst way for a show this good that had so much potential in the beginning, to end. 


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