The Big Bad Butterfly

Am I the only one who finds it ironic people anticipated Frozer so much, and yet, when the thumbnails for the Mayura episode showed up, it was hard to find anyone on the internet who cared?

Starting from the beginning with this episode: Scarlet Moth (Red Skull reference anyone?) has akumatized almost all the villains we’ve seen in the last two seasons. Natalie is watching his back as Catalyst, and the Justice League of Miraculous Holders is on standby.

The whole set-up of Scarlet Moth’s plan so far makes me wonder: Did we sit through a season and a half of repetitive villain-of-the-week episodes just so we could have enough people to give the heroes a fight for their money?

Because I’m suddenly feeling robbed. 

Anyway, blah blah speech about how we’re going to beat the the bad guy blah blah ACTION.

And lots of it. We see season one villains we haven’t seen for a long time, such as Stormy Weather. (I’ve always held it in my opinion that she was the strongest villain. Controlling the weather isn’t something to blink at.)

I was actually astonished to find myself surprised when Catalyst said that the heroes beating up their guys was part of the plan. Miraculous making a plan that sophisticated?

I am shook. 

Part two of the plan was getting Dark Cupid to shoot arrows of hatred into people and I know I’m getting off topic, but can we just take time to notice how great Kim looked in his costume this season?

Silent but deadly ooh

People thereafter get akumatized, Rena Rouge turns into Rena Rage (good one!), causing Carapace to turn into Shell Shock (could’ve done better on both ends), and not too long later, Queen Bee has turned back into Queen Wasp. Of course, neither of the main heroes are affected. 

If I’m being honest, I would like to skip to the part of the episode where Mayura makes an entrance. Her dress is literally so pretty, and I was kind of  amazed at how she made her huge butterfly thing disppear with a flick of her finger. 

I say butterfly because I theorize her power is one of manifesting a person’s fear into a physical being to watch over the person. And hey, it’s a butterfly that appears, not a hawkmoth. 

Because this:

Le grand méchant papillon…

Does not equal this:

Image result for hawk moth
I don’t know whether to love it or to be freaked out.

Then of course, Hawkmoth monologues too long, he gets caught, the heroes save the day once again yayyyy.

Can we please talk about that Adrienette  moment? I don’t even ship it, but I’m so so proud of Marinette.

She actually kissed Adrien on the cheek.

Now…Adrien…if this boy comes in season three with “sHe’S juSt a FriEnD”…

How about we not, Adrien?


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