Boku No Hero Academia: My Nicknames

So guess who’s gotten into Boku No Hero Academia?

A lot of the times, I’ll try my best to remember the BNHA names, but I’ll forget and use their alternate names I made up for them instead.

Truthfully, a lot of them are bland, but it’s whatever comes to mind when they get their moment to shine on screen.

Real Name: Yuga Aoyama


I honestly love his confidence, even though his quirk is half way useless. He’s also my favorite male character.

Mina Ashido

Real Name: Mina Ashido

AKA: The One With Slippery Acid

Her eyes kind of freak me out, but I like her personality. She’s surprisingly talented and she’s like the female version of Kirishima, charisma-wise.

Tsuyu Asui

Real Name: Tsuyu Asui

AKA: Froppy Is Best Frog

She’s the undisputed best girl, no questions will be taken. Lots of people notice how brave, smart, and mature she is.

Tenya Iida

Real Name: Tenya Iida

AKA: President McBoostLeggums

I hear from my friend that he’s not a fan favorite, but I think he’s hilarious.

Ochaco Uraraka

Real Name: Ochaco Uraraka

AKA: Gravity Girl/Urakakakakakakaka

She’s one of my favorites too, and I like how there’s no shame in her looking up to Midoriya.

Mashirao Ojiro

Real Name: Mashirao Ojiro

AKA: There Be A Thick Tail, Cap’n

I think he’s cool on his own, but I wish his tail wasn’t so…big. Still, his martial arts skills are on point.

Denki Kaminari

Real Name: Denki Kaminari

AKA: exe.ShockWave Has Stopped Responding

He’s just flat-out fun. One of my favorite dudes.

Real Name: Eijiro Kirishima

AKA: Le Manly Man

As Bakugo’s only real friend, you gotta appreciate his patience. He is also the undisputed best boy of the series.

Real Name: Koji Koda

AKA: Fishy Snow White

I’m really not sure if they’re a boy or girl at this point.

Rikido Sato

Real Name: Rikido Sato

AKA: Sugar Rush

He’s okay on his own. Not a fan of his character design, but I guess not everyone can be adorable.

Mezo Shoji

Real Name: Mezo Shoji

AKA: Spiderman

He’s a cool guy. However, his arms make my tryphophobia twitch.

Real Name: Kyoka Jiro

AKA: Are We Done Here?

The coolest part of her Quirk is the amplification thing she does with the speakers on her costume.

Hanta Sero

Real Name: Hanta Sero

AKA: Tape Arms

I like how basic his hair design is. Does his quirk even have any physical setbacks?

Fumikage Tokoyami

Real Name: Fumikage Tokoyami

AKA: The Dark Knight Rises

Aye, in my opinion, he’s the coolest guy in the class. But seeing his arms sets me on edge.

Real Name: Shoto Todoroki

AKA: Icy Hot Pain Relief

Why do the girls think he’s the hottest? Gotta be honest here, the burn mark is ugly.

Real Name: Toru Hagakure

AKA: Have You Seen This Child?

But she doesn’t actually have a personality??

Katsuki Bakugo

Real Name: Katsuki Bakugo

AKA: Yikes

Thankfully, he’s gotten more chill. (He’s also hotter than Todoroki fight me)

Izuku Midoriya

Real Name: Izuku Midoriya

AKA: Small Might

We all know his real quirk is crying.

Minoru Mineta

Real Name: Minoru Mineta

AKA: Can We Not?

This little piece of trash.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Real Name: Momo Yaoyorozu

AKA: Could’ve Been The Protagonist In Another Series

I’m happy I don’t have to dislike her, because she’s pretty cool.

I’ve seen that shipping is a big thing on this show, but seeing as the show isn’t romantically inclined, I’m good. I love everyone more or less equally, except for Mineta. I realized that during the camping episodes.


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