Voltron Head-Canons > Season Eight Ending

A lot of people were unhappy with the ending of Netflix’s Voltron, so they made their own endings to their needs. Following suit, I made my own where my ships were canon and everyone got a fairly happy ending, even the dead ones.

My personal head-canons for the ending of Voltron:

  • Lance stayed on his family’s farm for a few months, visiting Pidge at the Garrison in the meanwhile. There, Pidge helps him realize his own intelligence and he starts to help her out on projects. This brings them closer together, until they start dating and Lance leaves the farm behind (but takes Kaltenecker) to work as a flight instructor at the Garrison so he can fulfill his dream and be close to Pidge.
  • Keith leaves the humanitarian organization to join his mom and Kolivan in reenergizing the Galra Empire, where he eventually becomes head of a counsel to bring peace to all afflicted Galras.
  • He and Shay get together and when they’re not cooking, Shay teaches him how to interact with Balmeras. During Christmas, Hunk gathers all the paladins and their allies, including the minor characters, for a huge feast to honor the victories they had with Voltron and to exchange recipes. He could never get the recipe quite right for Lance’s mom’s garlic knots.
  • Allura was somehow able to come back, along with Lotor and his family. Zarkon and Honerva live the rest of their days on the newly revived Daizaabal, playing a small part in the Galra counsel, while Lotor and Allura make amends and try to find the rest of the Alteans to create a new Altean colony they rule in harmony.
  • Shiro and Curtis are able to meet with the alternator universe’s Slav and Sven. They have adventures exploring the other realities, and confusing the heck out of Curtis.
  • The lions of Voltron come back to their respective paladins when there’s a little turmoil admist the peace making. Keith, however, wills the Black Lion to Lance and Romelle becomes the Red Paladin.
  • Coran becomes Captain of the Atlas, and makes the ship look a little more like the Castle of Lions, in honor of his pop-pop. He visits the new Altean colony frequently to check up on Allura, and to make sure Lotor is treating her well.
  • The space mice move in with Lance, because he gave them a bath that one time.
  • Matt, with Pidge’s and Lance’s help, builds the first intelligent human AI, and he makes a whole fleet to help with the peace efforts, color-coding them of course. He moves on to design the some of the best space craft in the galaxy.
  • James Griffin starts dating Ina Leiffstoder, and they become the test pilots for Matt’s space craft. Ina eventually got her picnic.
  • Ryan Kinkade became a documentarian, though his extensive series on yeast never picked up.
  • Rizavi piloted for a little bit, before quitting to build a fashion monopoly empire.

That’s all the characters I think deserved different endings. Writing this legitimately made me happier, so I’ll just go ahead and pretend this is what actually happened, no offense to the show runners.


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