The Sword Art Online/Voltron Crossover

It’s official. I have dived into the deep ocean that is anime and I won’t be coming back up soon.

I really have to thank Voltron for being my transition into anime. I know most people won’t even consider it as real anime because it was made in America, but I do, and watching it, I figured I might as well see if there was anything just as good out there.

First stop was Boku No Hero Academia. Then season eight of Voltron came, annihilating my passion for the show. However, second stop was Sword Art Online, which I started watching just a few days ago, which goes to show I won’t let one show ruin the experience.

Yet, it seems I haven’t fully recovered from Voltron. Because season one, episode seven, just SCREAMED Plance.

And when I say Plance, I mean Kidge. Kind of.

To further explain:

Kirito= Keith

Personality-wise, and skill-wise, he’s definitely more like Keith than Lance, which is why I’ve switched them out. However, his role is the same as in the situation with Plance.

Lisbeth= Pidge

Right off the bat, I thought she had a very Pidge-like personality. Pidge specialized in tech, she specialized in swords. Not to mention there are slight physical similarities, if you look closely. The hair poking out on both sides for example.

Asuna= Allura

I mean, she’s second in command to a huge guild, which is basically like being princess to a kingdom. And both her and Allura are slight Mary Sues. You like them both, but sometimes not when you’re comparing them to other characters.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s break down the parallels. We pretend that Kidge is interchangeable with Plance and that Allurance is interchangeable with Kallura. Or, in simpler terms, pretend Kirito has a Lance-like personality so you don’t have to convert the ships.

Anyway, in the episode, Lisbeth slowly gets a crush on Kirito, but Kirito never realizes it. She’s about to confess when Asuna shows up, and seeing Asuna and Kirito’s chemistry and history, Lisbeth gives up and tries to support whatever relationship they might have.

Try to convince me that that isn’t the sum total of Plance and Allurance during season eight.

In the season, Lance and Allura (Allurance) had a history, mostly of him flirting and her rejecting. But they develop a friendship and eventually go on a date. Now, it’s not ever proven, but it is backed by some evidence that Pidge had some kind of crush on Lance (Plance). To link this to SAO, when Allura asks Pidge for help on the date, you can see Pidge is visibly hurt and upset. Just like when Lisbeth saw Asuna and Kirito’s relationship, and is visibly hurt and upset.  And just like Lisbeth, Pidge decided to help Allura on her date, even though it still hurts. She even went as far as giving up her game to ensure that Allura would look pretty for Lance.

I know not many people will see this at first, but the wound from Voltron season eight is still fresh, so I picked up on it very quickly.

One more similarity: Neither of them are canon. Ouch. How about we add some salt to that?

Anyway, there was one more coincidence I needed to mention. And it’s, haha, very coincidental. And had me quaking very hard.

A Voltron Youtuber named ThatEmmaGirl made a moderately in depth version of season eight the way she imagined it. Though she imagined Plance to be canon, the path to it becoming canon had one event that stood out.

In her version, while Lance and Pidge were on the run from the Galra, they fell into a deathtrap hole that they couldn’t escape.

And guess which two characters (spoiler alert, it’s Kirito and Lisbeth), also fell into a deathtrap hole from which they could not escape?

Consider me shook.

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