Black Butler Review: Artemis Fowl Is In Trouble

Disney released the trailer for the long-promised Artemis Fowl movie not too long ago.

I borrowed a phone to watch it as I could. I actually liked it, and even though some things were new (like Butler being black), I understood why since I had researched the film before the trailer.

However, not amount of research could answer this question: Why is Root female?

In the original (and very fantastic) book series, Commander Root is the head of the fairy’s police force and he is a male. He served as a father figure for one of the main characters, Holly. His belief that Holly would make a great commander one day, despite her being the first female in the force, was a large part of his character.

As great as I’m sure Dame Judi Dench is, hiring her to act a male’s part wasn’t Disney’s best idea. It takes away from Holly importance, to echo a few opinions.

A few extra notes:

  • People are pissed Butler is black. I can only ask them to easily identify a decent White Asian actor who is at least 6’4 and has the look of a heavy-weight boxing veteran.
  • Artemis is an Irish 12 year-old. The actor (bless his heart) is an Irish 12 year-old. Why are people going on and on about him looking too young for the part?
  • Erm, Butler should be armed with a Sig Sauer. He has no business shooting a bow and arrow, though I’m positive he’s a sharpshooter.
  • The fairies can’t fly without detachable wings, so floating woman in white? Inaccurate.
  • People are saying Artemis should resemble a vampire, both in skin palor and attitude. I agree with the former, but you’ve seen less than 30 seconds of the actor, so hold out for him.

I think everyone should give this movie a chance. There’s no way it’ll be worse than the Percy Jackson movies.

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