Content Creators Have Feelings

It’s no secret that the majority of people who saw YouTube Rewind 2018 hated it. The comments overflowed with roasts, and even on videos entirely unrelated to the Rewind, you still find people saying “Better than YouTube Rewind 2018.”

I thought it was funny, until it got tiring. And it led me to think about something that’s always bugged me.

When you’re roasting someone’s material, you have to remember they have feelings too.

Not just YouTube videos. Generally everything. 

When you review a book, don’t use all caps and say “WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ?”

Because think. The author put who knows how many hours into publishing the book and they are probably proud of their accomplishment. Having someone smash their achievements to pieces is a terrible feeling. Especially for those who’ve just started out.

Likewise with commenting on videos. So you have complaints. You don’t have to be friendly and you don’t have to give constructive criticism. But smashing the creator isn’t okay.

What if it was you?

Backlash is something you hear about, but you had better hope you had nothing to do with making someone else suffer emotionally.

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