Everyone’s Doppelganger

John Barrowman: Scottish-American actor, singer, presenter, author, and comic book writer.

And everyone’s doppelganger.

Don’t tell me this guy doesn’t look just a little like Elon Musk:

Image result for john barrowman looks like elon musk

And if you don’t believe me thus far, how about this:

Image result for john barrowman looks like tom cruise

Why does this John Barrowman fellow look like so many people and more importantly, why does Pintrest think I care?

Maybe because I myself have a doppelganger hanging around. On multiple occasions, people have asked me: “Do you have a sister?” “Do you have a twin?” and have said creepy things like “There was this girl who looked just like you.”


You’d be hard pressed to find a book-reading-story-writing-fandom-fanatic-whose-favorite-color-happens-to-be-yellow person, like me. Get with the program.

…at least I’m not Adele.


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