The Trouble With Teeth

For those with problematic teeth, their least favorite thing are toothpaste and mouthwash ads. They are walking examples of what not to end up becoming. The before photo.

I know, because I am one of these people. That one lady from this Colgate commercial still irritates me every time she says “Actually, you’re wrong. Whitening toothpaste blah blah blah–“

Anyway, I’m bringing this up because others may have this issue.

Now, I’m sure all of us have met, known, or are people with teeth that suck. The front tooth is crooked, a canine is overgrown, the bottom teeth are crisscrossed, there’s a really awkward under/over-bite, acid that literally burns the enamel off the teeth.

Yes, acid.

First glance, you can’t tell there’s anything wrong with my teeth. I’m pretty fortunate not to have any mis-positioned molars.

But then you see the x-ray analysis and you just—wow.

My teeth are a land mine of cavities.

See, when people say cavities, they just assume “they don’t take enough care of their teeth” or “they eat too much candy”.


And it’s really irritating, because you can’t notice someone suddenly noticing how hole-y your teeth are and casually mention, “No, I’m not addicted to sweets. It’s just that I have this thing where acid erupts out of nowhere and kills the enamel of my teeth and makes them really liable to cavities. So stop staring and mind your dang beeswax.”

You can’t say anything.

So, that’s that.

And even though I think my situation sucks, I’m always thankful I don’t need braces. Or a newly screwed-in ceramic tooth.

I hate the screw-in ceramic tooth ads the most.


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