MLB S3: Great Expectations

So I’m kind of losing my mind about the new season of Miraculous Ladybug coming up, in both a good and a bad way.

Bad: Bringing back the same villains. From what I’ve heard and read, the creators decided Max’s “Gamer” and Juleka’s “Reflekta” needed more screen time. Along with other villains from season one, they’ll be making another appearance in their own separate episodes. It gives you the distinct feeling that they have run out of ideas. It makes me worried for the next seasons coming up, since we’re supposed to be getting five.

Bad: Using the ideas from the fandom. It’s not necessarily a negative thing to get inspiration from the fans, but almost plagiarizing fanfics could garner a bad reputation.

Good: SPEAKING OF FANFICTIONS. Word on the street is that they’re making Chat Blanc canon. That’s friggin’ amazing. We’ve already seen Chat Noir in a relatively terrible mood during the Christmas special, but I’m hoping that:

  1. They make him look good in a white suit, because the edits I’ve seen of it are absolute crap.
  2. They make him extra surly and smart. I think Chat deserves to show off how intelligent he is. Something akin to Artemis Fowl wouldn’t hurt.
Image result for chat blanc
Yeaaaaaah boys

Good: Deep breaths everyone.


For those noobies who aren’t deep in the fandom and aren’t aware of all past reincarnations of the show (like me), Felix was Adrien before he became Adrien.

To further explain, Miraculous Ladybug was originally an anime. In this version, Adrien’s name was Felix (and Marinette was Bridgette).

Felix is a complete jerk, aight? He’s aware of how much Bridgette adores him, and he pays her no attention, straight-up ignoring her when she approaches him.

Image result for felix agreste and bridgette cheng anime
Ladybug’s better than this

But as Chat Noir, he’s almost the same as the current Chat Noir (hopefully less cat and bug puns). He’s extremely playful and he’s hopelessly in love with Ladybug. And Ladybug (Bridgette), doesn’t like his flirting.

The reason this is so exciting for fans of the current canon series is that this would be the first time seeing Felix in his CGI form. There are so many comics online where Adrien and Felix interact. This is the entire fandom’s wish fulfillment.

Okay, but I’m going to die laughing if they copy and paste Adrien’s features onto a guy with Felix’s hair.

Image result for felix and adrien agreste

This is actually a really great edit, but this is the low standard I’m expecting and hoping the creators exceed when they introduce Felix.

I better see some sparks fly when Adrien and Felix have their first conversation.

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