Mission Statement to Sparkly Dood

Mission Statements to my favorite members of Class 1A

*nicknames credit to Ice_cold_kills on AO3.

Yuga Aoyama

Aoyama- Sparkly Dood

I’m so proud of you my child, even if no one else is. Keep glittering to your heart’s content.

Tsuyu Asui

Asui- KeroKero

You’re just so logical and adorable, and I love you.

Eijiro Kirishima

Kirishima- TheRock™

I do not have to words to describe just what a wonderful ray of pure unfiltered sunshine and happiness you are.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami- DarkEdgeLord

Yeet Hawk-boy, Raven-boy, whatever bird species you share half your genome with. You’re the absolute coolest.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo- 3D Printer 

I swear, if you don’t get the love and attention you deserve…just love yourself more, okay lovely?

These are just the people I tend to want to cuddle and/or scream at to realize how wonderful they are the most. However, to all of Class 1A (except Mineta), I say:

Image result for smash that protect button meme

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