TXT’s “Cat & Dog” Is Weird In A Good Way

As many k-pop fans, but especially BTS fans know, BigHit debuted a new boy group called TXT on March 4th 2019 at 4 AM U.S. Central Time.

A few things first:

  1. A lot of people will feel the need to call out those who decided to like the group specifically because they came from BigHit. Given the immense success of BTS, expecting more great things from the company and having complete faith the group will be great is absolutely fine. (Maybe just don’t go advertising that you’re that kind of fan).
  2. To those who do the calling out: S T A H P
  3. To those who say they won’t be successful even if their predecessors are BTS: Watch thyselves.

I am that fan who expected them to be great because they are from BigHit and because their album is amazing. I, along with others, will take things at hope’s value and face value.

Those pre-debut introductions did help though. Look at this adorable golden maknae.

♡ #ʰʸᵘⁿⁱⁿᵍ ᵏᵃⁱ ♡
He wears yellow. That’s more than enough for me to stan him.

Anyway, TXT’s debut did not disappoint. I’ve listened to “Crown” at least once each day for the last week.

I’ve come to bring proper attention to one of the more underrated songs on their short album:

Image result for cat and dog txt

It’s the rap song of the album. I’m not a fan of American rappers and until recently, the only rap I consistently listened to was the soundtrack of Hamilton. I would sit down and watch RM, J-Hope, and Suga’s solo soundtracks, but really only out of streaming support and minimal curiosity.

But “Cat & Dog” is different. See, you would think it would be another cute song.

Until you hear the barking in the background and realize:

They weren’t kidding.

Look at the the lyrics:

Feel like I’m your cat, I’m your dog
With my two eyes, I can only see you
Our relationship isn’t serendipitous, but indistinct
If I just have you, purr purr purr

Let’s play forever, I just wanna be your dog!

Yeah. It’s pretty laughable. But…it’s gold! And it’s fire! The song is legitimately catchy and it’s surprising that they can all rap so well. I can’t wait until I see the boys perform it live. I’m low-key hoping the audience barks along to the background.

The only fault I have with this song is that if you sing it out loud, you run the real risk of sounding like a furry.

Disclaimer: bop along at your own risk


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